Testimonials 2020 – 2021

We enrolled our daughter in Kay School in the fall of 2020. While starting our 3 year old in a new school during a global pandemic was very nerve racking, we could not be happier with our decision. What we love about Kay School are the small class sizes, quality of teachers, and community feel. With class sizes capped at 10 students with two teachers our daughter was able to form wonderful relationships with her classmates and get individualized attention. We have seen her grow not only academically and socially, but also with her self care/ independence. Due to the location of Kay School my daughter and her classmates get to participate in many different activities throughout the day such as nature walks ,working in a mud kitchen, planting flowers and vegetables, and riding bikes. She loves going to school and looks forward to a new adventure everyday!
Megan — Lily’s mom

We have two kids who attend Kay school since August of 2020. We were very nervous of starting them at a new school but Kay School has been amazing! They are one of the best places for a child’s overall development in our area! We found the teachers extremely dedicated to the kids and imparting good education and outstanding care. Miss Usha and Miss Bridget go above and beyond when it comes to teaching the kids. The school is a warm, welcoming and nurturing place. The curriculum and the exposure to many cultures is outstanding. The kids have so much fun and learn at their own pace. I simply love the school and have been having a great experience
Suby — Surya and Saanya’s mom

We have had our twins enrolled at Kay School for 2 years and have been very pleased with teachers, staff and the curriculum. Outside time and creative play incorporated in learning was very important to us and Kay School has exceeded our expectations! My twins have developed a sense of autonomy even while in the same class as their teachers were cognizant of this and encouraging of independent skills. Lastly, we love the weekly summer camps at Kay School!
Jen — B&E’s mom

We are so grateful to have found Kay School for our son Graham. We made the decision to move him to Kay School for preschool when he was 3. The growth we have seen has been amazing. He is full of questions, loves to talk about what he’s learning in school, and about the friends he has made in class. The communication between the parents and school has been fantastic. His teacher gives regular and very detailed feedback to show what they are doing in class, as well as periodic updates about how our child is doing specifically. Their approach to learning has also suited our child well, especially the focus on being outdoors and learning in that environment as much as possible. We say starting at Kay School was one of the few good things to come out of 2020!
Jenna — Graham’s mom

We are so happy that we chose the Kay School for our son’s preschool! He is a very active and adventurous boy and he loves all of the outdoor based learning especially the “mud kitchen” and nature walks. All the new safety protocols put in place have made us feel very comfortable sending him to school. The teachers truly care and are so creative in the ways they teach children. We are very appreciative to have become a part of the Kay school family.
Christine — Jackson’s mom

There aren’t enough adjectives to fully describe how phenomenal Kay School is. We joined the Kay School community in August 2020 at the recommendation of a friend and now we rave about it to everyone with preschool aged children. Morgan comes home each day filled with joy and tells us of her adventures in school whether it be playing in the classroom with her friends, getting dirty in the mud kitchen, building her critical thinking in the block room, or engaging in the process dramas her teachers coordinate. The communication from Kay School is truly top notch. Her teachers send weekly newsletters and are extremely responsive to parent concerns. They care about each student’s well being in and outside of school and are truly partners in supporting our children. We can’t wait to continue to see Morgan grow and thrive at Kay School.
Emily — Morgan’s mom

My daughter has attended Kay School since she was 2.5 years old. For the past two years she has received extraordinary care and attention. Even with all the pandemic madness, Kay School employees have been reliable, responsible, and caring. I can honestly say I LOVE KAY SCHOOL! I love their “learning is fun” philosophy and my daughter has grown and blossomed in their care.
Sara — Lily’s mom

Kay School is a wonderful preschool! The teachers are caring, the administration is responsive, the curriculum is well thought out, and I love the emphasis on dramatic play and outdoor activities. I also think the small size of the school is ideal – it is a close and caring community where everyone knows all the children. I could not ask for a better preschool.
Amelia — Sara’s mom

We really have enjoyed our family’s relationship with Kay School over these past two years. Current times have been trying, but the Kay School Family has done their best to maintain a community feel for the children and families. Prior to Covid, it was nice to have the children interact with each other across the age ranges, whether it be in aftercare or the extracurricular activities offered. At present, we feel like the school has done their best to keep that sense of normalcy in these unique times.
We chose Kay school and continue to choose Kay School because of the exceptional staff and curriculum. The teachers are amazing in engaging, challenging, and empowering the children. We appreciate the well-roundedness of the curriculum; Kay school is able to combine nature and life skills with structured learning. We appreciate the continuity amongst the staff. A large issue with other larger centers is the high staff turnover, and we don’t see that in the school year at Kay School. They truly try to do their best to maintain consistency for the children.
If you’re looking for a family-feel for your children outside of your home that also has a strong curriculum and outstanding staff, Kay School is a wonderful choice
Frances — Elena’s mom

My daughter has attended Kay School from age 3 through Kindergarten. We absolutely love the school! The teachers are loving and kind, while still maintaining structure in the classroom. The school and class size is small which brings a sense of community to the whole school. Sending my daughter to Kay school gives me a sense of peace because I know she will learn and be well cared for in a friendly and safe environment.
Amanda — Emelia’s mom

Our family has been very pleased with the Kay School over the past 3 years. Their curriculum is well thought out and my 5 year old is more than prepared for Kindergarten. We love the amount of drama, outdoor play, nature walks and art incorporated into their day. The teachers are caring and it is clear that they have a passion for education
Lindsay — Callum’s mom

My son, Jacob, has been going to Kay School for the past two years. He absolutely loves it, and he has learned so much! The small class sizes are great, and each teacher he’s had has been outstanding. We love the focus on nature, the arts, and creativity- he is thriving at Kay School, and his creativity and love of learning continue to grow! It’s a really happy place, and all of the kids seem to enjoy being there. We feel so fortunate for the great experience our son has had, and we will definitely send our daughter when she is old enough!
Emily — Jacob’s mom