Parent-Child classes

Parent-Child classes are for parents of very young children (9 months to 2.5 years) and their children. Both the parent and child participate in the class.  This class, Little Kay Sing and Sign  is offered in the spring, it is an eight-week, one-hour-a-week child class, that fosters creativity and self-expression through music and signing (American Sign Language).  Singing, signing, and a range of program activities, aim to increase children’s sensory awareness, motor development, and language skills, while parents learn the innate power of music to calm or motivate children through the day.  Participants will experience music through singing, playing simple rhythm instruments, movement, and sensory exploration. Hands-on visual arts projects will extend the musical experiences.  In addition to signs that accompany the songs, each week parents will be introduced to “home signs” that facilitate communication and language learning.  The class will be taught by Valerie Carroll who developed this popular program with Victoria Brown, founding Director of Lucy School in Middletown, MD.  Both Valerie and Victoria have been master artists for the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts for more than 21 years.  Valerie has worked extensively with young children ages 6 months to five years.  See the link in the Admission page for enrollment information.