Junior Rangers | Camp Kay

Junior Rangers | Children ages 2 ½ to 5

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* WAITLIST June 17 – June 21 | Discover Sports

Ready, Set, GO……the Junior Rangers are going to kick off the summer with sports week. They will fill their day with group games to work on team building skills. After this fun filled week, they will be sure to need a long weekends rest. Remember there is no “I” in TEAM!!!!

* WAITLIST June 24 – 28 | Nature is Nice

Put on your hiking boots and grab your binoculars, the Juniors are going to EXPLORE NATURE. Wonder what they will see as they hike the trails around Franklin Farm? It is sure to be an exciting week of discovering what is in Kay School’s backyard. This week the Junior Rangers will enjoy a trip to Eleanor C Lawrence park to see nature up close at the nature center. We will take a field trip to Meadow Lark Gardens to look at beautiful flowers.

July 1-3, and 5 (No camp on July 4th due to Holiday) | Fun with Food

Hope your Junior Ranger brings his or her appetite because it is FUN WITH FOOD WEEK! This week the Rangers will be exploring many different taste opportunities that will make their taste buds tingle. Your little chef will be using fresh fruit and veggies to create some delicious and nutritious snacks

* WAITLIST July  8 – 12 | Lights, Camera, Action

Junior Ranger’s will bring all their talent to the stage, They will have the opportunity to MOVE and GROOVE to their favorite tunes. Becoming the drama king and queens they long to be. Our Field trip this week will be to Wolf Trap to see a show.

* WAITLIST July 15 – 19 | All About Animals 

Safari hats are optional at this animal exploration camp!  Junior Rangers will learn about many types of animals such as horses and pigs. They will get a chance to go to Frying Pan Farm to see their favorite farm animals.

July 22-26| Creative Art

Pablo Picasso is noted for saying, “All children are artists”. Your little artists will create masterpieces using different art mediums.  Your Junior Ranger will take home their very own canvas! 

July 29 – August 2 | Blast off to Outer Space!

Five..Four..Three..Two..One..BLAST OFF! your Junior Ranger will become an astronaut and design their very own rocket ship to go on a MISSION to the moon. While on this mission they will encounter comets, aliens and asteroids. Hope they make it back to planet earth safely.

* WAITLIST August 5 – 9 | Splish Splash

Get Ready To Make A SPLASH! The Junior Rangers will go on daily WATER FILLED ADVENTURES!

August 12 – 16 | Make A Mess
Send a change of clothes- or two- for this fun filled week specifically designed for kids who love to investigate and make a mess! A whole week filled with goo, slime, flubber, glitter, mud and MORE !

* WAITLIST August 19 – 21 | Best of Camp Week

A celebration of Camp Kay! Your Junior Ranger will end the summer by remaking their favorite camp project.